Calling out all the foodies around the world! This is the kinda of food challenge, you might wanna take at least once in your life… or maybe not?

A glass of wine is never a bad idea, but what if it’s made out of SNAKES!? Yes, you read it Right!

1 – Snake wine, China – 


According to Traditional Chinese medicine beliefs Snake wine revitalize (gives a new life) a person.

As the name suggests snake wine is an alcoholic beverage made with snake and rice wine (or grain alcohol). There are two types of snake wine – you either steep a venomous snake in rice wine and leave it for many months, or you pour the snake venom directly into the alcohol and take it as a shot.

Living snakes may be inserted into the container, causing them to drown on their own..If you’re thinking it’s a safe drink or not? Then the answer to your question is Yes, it is very safe to drink. As the Snake are kept in ethanol makes it consumable.. This wine is a traditional part of many regional cuisines in China, and can also be found in Goa (India), Vietnam and other part of South East Asia.

2 – Casu Marzu (rotten cheese), Italy –


Now who doesn’t love cheese? It’s liked by all the generations.

You wanna make something good? *Boom* put some cheese in it.

So why did I put it in the list of World weirdest food serving countries? Cause Marzuis found in Sardinia, Italy. This cheese ismade of sheep’s milk , but the special (gross) part about it is the presence of live insect maggots. These worms are produced when cheese is left outside. Apparently, these larvae enhance the flavor, but they might try to jump out, so you better not scream.

The maggots are to be eaten alive or the cheese is said to be unsafe.

 3 – Bird’s Nest Soup, China – 

The key ingredient to this delicacy is a Swiflet bird’s nest. This nest is made by male swiflet’s hardened saliva! These nests are harvested 3 times a year from coastal caves. The soup have gelatin like texture, and is made by steaming the saliva nest in water. This dish is very expensive, nests alone priced at $2,000 USD per kilogram. Like whaaaaaat!? That’s crazy!

 4 – Paniki, Indonesia, Vietnam – 

Panikiis an exotic dish ofMinahasan from NorthSulawesi, Indonesia.How this dish is made? Just chop a fruit bat, boiled in coconut milk and seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices. Pro tip: During cooking, The bat may give off strong odor of urine. It can be reduced by adding garlic,onion, chili pepper or beer. Mmmm.. Delicious!

And Apparently, Having this dish is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your life because you never know if the bat you’re eating is diseased. So good luck!

 5 – San-nakji, South Korea – 


San-nakji is a traditional dish of Korea. A small octopus species Which reminds me of a very funny scene from simpsons called nakji in Korean. the suction cups on the Octopus’s arm pieces are still active when the dish is served, So basically It’s like eating an alive octopus. I have lost my appetite even thinking about it.

  6 – Dinuguan, Philippines – 

Dinuguan is soup made out of Pure Animal Blood. Chicken or Pig’s blood are more commonly used in making of this soup.And No,It’s not eaten raw Of course!First we whip it like an egg and then we eat it. Definitely Something a vampire would like!

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